Spring 10 Steps with Zeinab, Indira, & Danni

03/07/2024 11:30 AM - 05/09/2024 01:30 PM ET


Are you struggling to cope during these chaotic and unprecedented times?
Are you feeling burnt out on the work you once loved?
Do you want to build emotional intelligence and resilience?
Are you having trouble connecting to others over this planetary predicament?
Do you want to build supportive, brave community?
Are you ready to re-invest your time and energy in meaningful efforts? 

This group is for you.



Timing & Logistics

Please read the following section carefully to avoid confusion about meeting times and time zones. Good Grief Network does not offer program refunds, so please check that the timing of this group works with your schedule both before and after the U.S. time change in March.

The reference/anchor time* for this meeting is Eastern Time in the U.S.: 

This group will meet for 10 Thursdays

7 March - 9 May 2024

11:30am - 1:30pm Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada)

Check every time zone until March 10
Check every time zone after U.S. clock change on March 10

<<Please note: Our first meeting will be 2.5 hours; all subsequent meetings will last 2 hours>>


*When we refer to the anchor time, we mean that this meeting will occur at 11:30am Eastern Time in the U.S., no matter what the local time is for you. Importantly: a time change will occur in the U.S. on March 10, while this program is in session, and this may impact your meeting time. If you live outside of the U.S. and feel confused about what this time change means for your meeting time, click the linked time zone converter above.


About the Program 

Good Grief Network’s 10-Step Program is a peer-to-peer support group where people come together for 2 hours a week, over 10 weeks, to build community, process our heavy and painful feelings about the state of the world, and identify meaningful actions each of us can take. Each group is facilitated by GGN-trained and certified FLOW Facilitators; this is not a therapy program.

We prioritize an intimate group experience, capping each group at 15 participants, including the facilitation team. 

In this space, our facilitators will create a brave, emergent container where each participant can explore how it feels to do the work of environmental advocacy during times of great disruption, chaos, and uncertainty. We will do the deep work of facing and processing our feelings with others, so that we can care for ourselves and our communities as we continue to do our work in the world.

Good Grief Network does not offer prescribed advice. What we do is share resources and use group consciousness to support each participant's unique and individual journey. Cheryl Richardson says, "People start to heal the moment they feel heard." We are here to promote connection and encourage the emergence of beauty and joy during this Great Turning. This is not a discussion group, but a sharing session where we practice deep listening and authenticity.

Learn more about our 10-Step Program by clicking here.



Important Notes

  • GGN encourages you to join our private social media channel on Mighty Networks, where you can connect with other parents in our global community outside of the formal meeting space of the 10-Step Program. 

  • We prioritize small groups, so spots are limited. Please only sign up for this group if you are able to attend the full two hours of all 10 meetings (barring unexpected circumstances, of course).
  • GGN offers three tiers for payment for our 10-week program (all in USD). Please scroll up to learn more about our tiered fee structure.
  • We don't want finances to be an obstacle to participation. We offer one full and one partial scholarship or work exchange to folks from marginalized communities or who are fiscally constrained and need support accessing this healing work. To apply, click here. Applications must be received by 29 February 2024 . 

  • Daylight Savings Time in the U.S. may impact your meeting time. Please note that on March 10, 2024, clocks in the U.S. will change by one hour. If you live outside of the U.S., this may impact your meeting time.

  • GGN does not offer refunds for our program, even in the case of time-zone mix-ups. Please read our refund policy below before signing up for this group. 


Program Fee

Even as we try to dismantle and reimagine capitalist systems, we must recognize that we live within them. As a small nonprofit organization with limited grant funding, we rely on program fees to support the ongoing existence of Good Grief Network's programming.

In an effort to increase accessibility to our offerings and build class solidarity, GGN offers three tiers of payment for our 10-week program:

Redistribution Rate: $750 USD. This rate is for community members who have access to structural wealth such as a stable job, investment income, or inherited wealth, and are able to pay a higher rate to support the participation of folks who pay at the solidarity rate.

Full Rate: $550 USD. This is what it costs to run our program so that we can continue offering a solidarity rate, scholarship, and work exchanges. 

Solidarity Rate: $350 USD. This rate is for folks who live in fiscal discomfort or uncertainty, or otherwise lack access to financial resources.

Scholarships: Full and partial. We never want finances to be an obstacle to participation in community support services. GGN offers full and partial scholarships to people who cannot afford the solidarity rate. You can apply here before 29 February 2024.


Please consider the following questions, as well as your relative levels of wealth and privilege when choosing what pricing tier is most appropriate for you:

  • How do you value the following support and education?
    • Help reframing the global predicament
    • Understanding the interconnectedness of the climate crisis & social injustices
    • Learning and practicing emotional regulation techniques
    • Access to curated resource lists
    • Space to share your feelings in a tender, brave, and supportive group with other participants who are experiencing similar challenges
    • Building a live, intimate, and trusted community for 10 weeks
  • How do you value the team of facilitators that will support you?
    • We have teams of two GGN-trained FLOW Facilitators that will guide you through the 10-week journey.
    • How much do you value their expertise, time, energy, and leadership?
    • Do you pay other practioners full price for their services?
  • What is the value, per hour, that your culture has assigned to your time?
    • Please consider supporting this program with a fee that is equal to at least 20 hours at your average hourly rate.
  • Are you able to comfortably meet your needs?
    • If you have ample expendable income, savings, investements, inherited wealth, or otherwise have had structural advantages or access to financial resources, please consider paying the redistribution rate on the payment scale, in order to support our community members with less access to resources.  
    • What payment offering feels like both a meaningful contribution for our 10-week journey and is within your means to pay?



A NOTE ON REFUNDS: We are unable to offer refunds for GGN's 10-Step program.


We offer a small group experience, which means that spots in our programs are limited and coveted. Because this fellowship involves progressive step-work and intimite trust-buidling, we are unable to fill the spots of participants who withdraw just before or after Step 1. We ask you to please practice discernment and mutual care by being intentional with your registration.